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Data Center and Network Services

Maintaining a companies Data Center and Network Services is challenging and distracting for mid-market businesses.

Colocating your data center offsite helps you focus on your business success. Working collaboratively with you, we’ll design and deliver a data center expansion or relocated solution to achieve your objectives with our colocation facilities around the country. You’re always in charge while we provide security, essential utilities, and tailored services.

TeraCloud Data Center and Network Services connects all your facilities securely, privately and seamlessly to partners and resources you require, wherever they are around the world.


The data center is the heart of your operation. Whether it occupies one room, one or more floors, or an entire building, TeraCloud can supply any or all of the components for an end-to-end Tier 1 to Tier 4 operation. With decades of experience in fiber optic cabling solutions, Internet Protocol (IP) applications, enterprise service and support, TeraCloud has the expertise to maximize the performance and scalability of your data center applications.

We design deploy and manage:

  • Physical infrastructure
  • Implementaion and day-to-day support
  • 24/7/365 support
  • On-demand or dedicated technicians
  • Rack and stack
  • OEM certified expertise
TeraCloud is a premier embedded, day-to-day vendor for multiple clients providing active equipment support including install, troubleshoot and decommission.

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