Workflow Automation

With the variety of industries currently leveraging business process workflow automation, DocuPhase has remained flexible enough to be the perfect fit for automating any business process workflow. Let’s bring your business expertise together with our professional services team and see how we can personalize a solution that will transform the way you do business.


Automated business processes mean ensured compliance in some of the most common areas of fault. Information remains secure as it is automatically moved from desktop to desktop. Encryption keeps the information safe during digital storage, and automated routing will get documents where they need to go, the right way, every time.


With process automation, the amount of work being completed in your organization will increase exponentially. Removing mundane, repetitive tasks from a process allows your workers to focus on value-adding activities at all times, contributing more value to both your business, and your customers – all without adding additional human resources.


TeraCloud provides agility and continuous improvement throughout your organization. As the market requires change, your business can change how work is done with the click of a mouse – no more delays due to changing environment or increased demand for a particular task to be accomplished while resources are reassigned.

Process Manager

TeraCloud has a native drag and drop business process designer and manager that allows management to define how work is actually done. When the design is complete, a set of web browser applications are deployed to the workers of the business process which control how the work actually gets done.

Intuitive User Interface

TeraCloud believes software is useless without the people who interact with it. With heavy focus on a user interface that is easy to learn, highly customizable, and arranged with convenience and efficiency in mind, expect great adoption rates and easy transition to the use of TeraCloud in your company.

Dash Board

Business Process Management is not effective unless you have a way to measure and control the outcome. The Progression Dashboard allows those with permission to see bottlenecks in the process and allows for quick resource balancing in the process to ensure business continuity.

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