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Microsoft 365 and Azure Outages Today

Please see link below detailing what's going on https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-south-central-u-s-datacenter-outage-takes-down-a-number-of-cloud-services/?ftag=CAD2e14604

Cyberattacks and the vulnerability of the small business

Cyberattacks and the vulnerability of the small business   You cannot go a day without reading about some big name company or even government agency being hacked and critical data being compromised. What you don’t see in the media is that most of the attacks happen to...

Limited investment capital and planning for trouble

  Limited investment capital and planning for trouble Small businesses often fail to take the time to make business continuity plans. One aspect of a business continuity plan involves developing plans to handle the loss of physical infrastructure and hardware....

Data Protection Laws and PIIs

  Data Protection Laws and PIIs Last week we discussed the overall concept of “Data Protection Laws,” which govern the handling and securing of specific data. While these laws are wide ranging, most of these laws reference Personally Identifiable Information (PII)...


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