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Data Breaches are a Question of When, Not If

You hear on the news all of the time about big cyber attacks on large corporations, and even government agencies. The trouble with this news coverage is that is suggests a distorted view of where cyber attacks are taking place. These attacks are not solely hitting...

Did you know you can redirect your documents folder to OneDrive?

With 1 TB of cloud storage available via Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business, you can solve your backup and remote working needs in one go! This article shows you how to redirect your “My Documents” folder to OneDrive. This will save you having to backup your My...

Don’t get tricked by cute costumes

With Halloween coming along it is a good time for us to reinforce the need for good security and cyber diligence. You’ll be seeing kids at your door on the 31st all dressed up as something they aren’t. While some of the costumes are supposed to be scary, we know it is...

Advancing Women in IT

@CompTIA_AWIT launched a global directory of tech orgs & resources for women and girls. Find ones near you. Have one? Get it listed! https://www.awitconnect.org/

Microsoft Windows 10 Update Deleting Data!

Microsoft has withdrawn the current autumn update for Windows 10 (version 1809). Several users complained after the update about missing data on their hard drive. A Reddit user reported that 60 GB of music files had disappeared on his hard drive after installing...

Microsoft 365 and Azure Outages Today

Please see link below detailing what's going on https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-south-central-u-s-datacenter-outage-takes-down-a-number-of-cloud-services/?ftag=CAD2e14604


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