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Microsoft IT Showcase

It’s not every day you can consult the best technical minds in your industry. If you could, what would you ask them about how your industry is changing to accommodate the modern digital landscape?

Microsoft IT Showcase lets you get inside the mind of some of the best experts in technology. Equip yourself and your organization with the resources you need to inform your critical IT decisions.

Discover the inside story of Microsoft IT and learn how TeraCloud, Inc. can help you do the same. Contact us to find out how our experts can help you prepare for the changes in your industry.

Four Productivity Tips for Small Business Owners

Do you have a cloud services provider? If not, you could be wasting time and productivity. TeraCloud, Inc. is here to help your business adopt the tools you need to maximize your productivity.

Microsoft Azure makes it possible to bring solutions to market quickly and keep your customers happy. By not having to manage servers or virtual machines, you can focus on staying productive.

Increase your productivity with Azure cloud services. We want to ensure you have what you need to succeed. Contact us today.

Why data analytics initiatives still fail

According to the 2018 State of Data Governance report, almost 40% of responding firms don’t have a separate budget for data governance. If you’re in this group, TeraCloud, Inc. can help find a data services provider that can help you gain control of your data and costs.

Azure Cost Management shows your organizational cost and usage patterns with advanced analytics. Reports show Azure cost, usage, reserved instance, and Azure Hybrid Benefit use, so you can make changes as needed, saving money and time.

With Azure, you have the tools you need to save. Contact us, so we can quicken your transition to Azure.

Security and your sub-contractors

So you feel relatively comfortable that you have created cyber security around your data and your employees are trained to avoid security errors in their day-to-day business ( a MAJOR source of security breaches, by the way.) However, you may be overlooking one area...

The Future of Customer Experience: People Plus Technology

Customer experience is important. Are your customers getting the experience they deserve? TeraCloud, Inc. knows it can be challenging to give customers the experience they’re looking for from your product or service. That’s why we’re here to help.

Office 365 provides smarter, simpler tools to your Firstline Workers to view schedules, manage tasks and simplify their workday. It enables you to spend more time with customers and less time creating and managing schedules and tasks.

Making changes to your business isn’t easy. Contact us for more information about how you can improve your customer experience.

Every company is a software company

The landscape of every industry is changing whether your business is ready or not. It’s up to you to prepare your business to meet the demands of modern industry, and that preparation begins with how you think of your own future as a digital company.

Whether you’re looking for a complete, intelligent solution for your business or the tools needed to take your organization to the next level, Microsoft and TeraCloud, Inc. have you covered.

We want to know how your business is preparing for the changes in your industry. Contact us to find out more information on how we can help.